Interior + Exterior Photos 
0-999sq/ft $300 
1000-1999sq/ft $350
2000-2999sq/ft $400 
3000-3999sq/ft $500
4000-4999sq/ft $550
5000-5999sq/ft $650

real estate photos

Twilight Photos 
Virtual Twilight Photos 
Drone Photos - $150
Drone Videos - $250/minute

real estate drone 

3d tours/matterport

Absolutely. Bring me along for your destination elopement. Yeah, it's that easy.

Will you travel for our elopement?

The best advice I can give you about what to wear is: wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in--discomfort can show on camera, so why not wear something that makes you feel good?

Do you have advice on what to wear?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Please. 

Can we bring a pet?

One of the most important things I can say to you about hiring a photographer is to make sure you have a good sense of how they style and edit their photos; are their colors warm, is there a lot of darkness, do you like the amount of exposure? These are important questions to ask and understand when it comes to booking a photographer that is right for you and your needs.

Why should I book you?

Questions & Answers

I'm uncomfortable in me?

That is totally OK. Not everyone is going to be comfortable in front of a camera; my job is to have you forget the camera is even there, or to be so in the zone of what you're doing, you won't even notice that I'm there. I will make small adjustments as necessary and give you direction if you're lost. :) 

What kind of style do you have?

My style tends to lean on a darker, moodier vibe. I love the look of editorial, which can be seen in my photographs, but I also love a dramatic edit. Candids and authentic emotions are so important to the authenticity of the memory.

Why is photography expensive?

I feel it's important to emphasize that photography is not just clicking a button and uploading the photos. It's not even about obtaining expensive equipment or the newest and greatest technology. Photography is made up of several aspects; the experience (yes, the gear too), the knowledge, the artistic expression style, taking photos that are then turned into the post-production. Post-production includes editing the photo to match my artistic style but also to accentuate the details that the photo initially has, but with even more depth. 

Do I have a say in the photos I pick?

Absolutely. I include you in every part of the process; the photos as they're being taken, showing you how I'm seeing the light and colors and how you look, so you can make minor adjustments that are more to your likening and flattering. By the time you see the proofs, you won't be blindsided by the style and edits of the photos.

Can you show me a RAW (orginal) vs Post-Production Edit? 


What do you mean by 'style'? 

Many photographers refer to their 'style' as the way they compose a photo, the types of photos they take, and then oftentimes the editing style they choose; darker and moody vs light and airy, a little more exposure etc. 

How do you come up with your pricing?

I base the amount of time I spend at the shoot, then the amount of time it takes to edit each photo. As a full-time photographer, I do need to make a living wage. :) 

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