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there's a reason we value photography- preserving moments is invaluable.

authentic, cinematic, & true to color

The truth behind photography? You don't need to be photogenic. Being comfortable in front of a camera isn't a must to produce a lovely photo; it's about being able to live in a moment and make small adjustments that can pull the moment together in a lively way.
It's my job to help you pull those details together to create something long-lasting. 

creating editorial &  luxury styled moments

I'm Jenn. Photography was a side hobby for a long time, until one day it wasn't. I am a goofy, easy-going Bostonian. I love to photograph people, pets, places, but above all else -- moments! 
Every detail, every angle, every color - I will notice and act on! My photos feel true to life and the way we perceive these moments with our eyes, but with a twist of drama. 

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Symula Media Group wants to help you create and convey your story.

a mix of authentic & timeless

cinematic feel,
editorial look,
true to color