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hey there,                                 
i'm jenn symula

I'm the kind of photographer that isn't afraid to try new ideas and collaborate. I love being able to have creative freedom to give you unique, classic, and high-end feeling photos.

Capturing everyday happenings & life's grandest moments

hi there! i'm jenn

 dog son, Finn


partner, andrew

you didn't ask, but i'll tell you anyway 


Some of my                  things.

April 2023 was a time of uncertainty and a leap of faith. After being laid off from a tech sales job, I decided to take a risk and pursue photography full time instead of a hobby.

went full time

I find myself being drawn to the look of something that is high-fashion. There is a nice balance of timeless and true to the human eye, yet entirely bizarre or unique -- editorial is all of that.


I got my first camera when I was around the age of nine. I remember taking photos of everything (I still do), but always finding creativity and excitement when photographing anything. Seeing friends' & families' reactions to the photos I took was just the cherry on top. :)

passion for photography




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there's a reason we want to preserve moments.
elevate those candids with an editorial twist.

Let's create together.

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